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Aqua is one of those colors that you put on and you immediately feel good… after all it is the color of the ocean! The aqua skirt I am wearing is leather so it makes it more of a ‘statement’ piece. I styled the skirt with a white and aqua beaded blouse and a matching aqua multi-stranded bracelet. I love how the white blouse breaks up the color a bit and then the detail beading brings the color right back to life! It’s fun and cute without being ‘over aquaed’! Need a mood lifter? Get into the aqua zone! 😉

Skirt: Alice + Olivia- no longer available (similar) or (similar) // Blouse: Eight Sixty- no longer available (similar) // Bracelet: Lori’s Shoes- no longer available (similar) // Shoes: Christian Louboutin or (similar)

Photographers taken by Christian Slaton at Drumbar.

  • The blue is aqua beautiful and so are you! You have legggggss!!

  • Lex MG

    oh good lord almighty. please post more photos than that, especially when they make me go oh-good-lord-almighty. do you think there is any chance you could send me the pics from this or some other sessions i favour, that you decided not to post ? I mean it’s all about pleasure isn’t it ? pleasure, adoration, desire, it’s all good as long as no-one gets hurt or damaged or afraid. Far be those from me. Seriouly, i re-state…i would LOVE more pics from this series.