It’s A Girl!

Skirts: Bliss Tulle Mommy and Me Tulle Skirts {similar styles below}

IT’S A GIRL…. and I couldn’t be more excited! Brandon, my husband, and I were sure it was a boy from my pregnancy symptoms and all the silly gender myths, so when we got the call from the doctor’s office saying, “you’re having a little girl!” I was so surprised (in the happiest way possible) that I actually didn’t believe the nurse and had to call her back to confirm! I was screaming, crying, shaking, and jumping up and down all at the same time! Brandon literally had to calm me down back to reality!

Given my love for all things girly, fashion, and the fact that I come from a family of three sisters it puts the biggest smile on my face knowing that I’ll be having a little girl.  Someone that I can call my best friend and play dress up with at the same time! I can embrace the color pink even more than I already do and cannot wait to wear these Bliss Tulle Mommy and Me tulle skirts with my little princess in the very near future!

I would be just as happy as if we were having a boy.  As cliche as it sounds, as long as the baby is healthy that’s all that really matters.  I always thought that was just a thing to say, until I actually got pregnant myself! I now know how true that statement really is!

A special thanks to Bliss Tulle for sending over these darling Mommy and Me tulle skirts!