Officially introducing, Baby in Pearls

Thank you all for your support and sweet comments welcoming Madeline aka Baby in Pearls!

At six weeks, Baby in Pearls LOVES: Snuggling; Eating (aka boobie time); Tummy time; Being rocked to sleep; Her pacifier; Mommy and Daddy holding her.

Baby in Pearls: Flower Headband ; Pearl Headband

Mommy: Blush Pink Gown

It’s hard to believe I gave birth to my little bundle of joy six weeks ago! Now I certainly can appreciate when parents say “they grow up too quickly”.  I wish I could just freeze time… I have never been happier or felt the way I have the past six weeks.  I didn’t really know what to expect, or how I would like being a mommy.  I can certainly say it’s the best feeling I have ever had.  I feel so blessed to have brought her into this world and I don’t take that for granted — not even for a minute.

Many of you have asked if I am breastfeeding and how she is sleeping.  Yes, I am breastfeeding.  It’s absolutely a commitment as she is eating every three hours, but it’s the most rewarding to have her on me… and I’m still amazed by the fact that she’s able to get her nutrients from me.  I didn’t have an easy time at first, and met with three lactation counselors to help her latch.  Initially she didn’t latch on correctly, and I’ll just say it was very painful! So painful I had to stop breastfeeding for three days.  After those few days passed and meeting with a lactation counselor, I got her to latch.  Now, she has no issues with it! In fact, when she gets fussy, I put her on me to calm her.

As far as her sleeping, she is going at most four hours at night and two to three hours during the day.  I’m hoping she sleeps through the night soon! Any moms out there have any advice?

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