Pink & Tweed

img_9399img_9409img_9407_2Pink Wool Pants

Black Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee {comes in 9 colors}

Tweed Blazer {also love this one}

Pink Pumps

Pink Chanel Handbag {also love this similar more affordablee style}

Pink pants! Yes! I have never owned a pair of pants I love more… seriously! This purchase was a no brainer for me! Obviously I love the color and I couldn’t believe they were under $100!  The bright color just adds to any outfit and really can be worn dressed up or dressed down.  For those who aren’t quite ready to make such a bold statement these classic pants also come in navy, but please jump on the color train with me! I will say the quality and fit of these pants are both so good.

I love wearing tweed with the color pink for some reason.  I just think the two complement each other well.  I am looking forward to wearing these pink pants again with a smile black top and black pumps for a different look.  Do you love the pink pants as much as I do?